What are the benefits of dimmer switches?

What are the benefits of dimmer switches?

So you’re considering dimmer switch installation in some rooms of your home but you’re unsure if they’ll be of any use to you, and if they’re really worth it.

First though, what exactly are dimmer switches? Dimmers give you the option to make the artificial light in your rooms more or less bright, providing you with a range of lighting options from the one fixture.

Speak to an electrician in Mosman today to figure out if dimmers are right for your home and how you can benefit from them.

Are dimmer switches a good idea?

Dimmer lights work by adjusting the voltage current in the circuit. As you turn the switch down, you reduce the strength of light in a room. Turn the dial the other way, and you increase the strength and brightness.

Regular lights are manufactured to be at their brightest – at all times. This is great for occasions when you need the most amount of light you can get, like when you’re in the kitchen prepping food.

But such bright light isn’t always necessary!

Our local electricians explain the main benefits of dimming lights so you can understand how you and your family might benefit from them.

Dimmers save energy

Think about how often you really need lights in the living room or bedroom operating at their brightest?

With dimming lights, you have the opportunity to immediately reduce their strength, which means you’ll be using lower amperage – so using less electricity, when you would, by default, be using a lot more when these lights are on.

This means you will save energy throughout the year.

It’s estimated that if you opt to dim your lights by at least 25 percent, you will reduce the energy required by up to 20%!

Your light bulbs will last longer

Incorporating dimmer lights into your home means your bulbs will not always be operating at their highest or most intense.

This is how globes often get worn out over time – from their excessive usage and, especially in the case of older globes, heat.

This means that light bulbs being used for dimming switches will last longer.

With dimmer lights, it’s estimated that you can grant 3-4 extra years to a bulb that would otherwise only last 5 to 6 months.

Do dimmer switches save money?

Because you save energy, you will receive lower energy bills, and so you will be spending less money on electricity over time.

Less voltage being used, means the bulbs will last longer as it’s not concentrated with light as often. This means you will throw out light bulbs less, which is good for landfill and also saves you money by not having to replace bulbs as frequently!

Speak to an electrician in Lower North Shore about other ways you can save money through electricity like updating your switchboard or making the switch to LED downlights.

Have control

Do you really only want just two options: lights on or lights off? What if you want to set the perfect mood to watch a movie or want some subtle light when entertaining friends?

Dimmer switches are also great for people with sensitive eyes as well as relaxing activities like reading or watching television.

You’ve got complete control!


Dimmer switch installation

How do I choose what dimmer type is right for me?

If you’ve decided you want dimmers but are stuck on deciding the type of dimmer you want, then you also need to consider other qualities that dimmers and all types of lights generally have.

It might be best to speak to an electrician in the Northern Beaches to help you decide on what dimmers will be best for each room in your home.

Type of globes

You need to decide the type of globe that will complement your dimmer, including the watts and what type of material the globe is made out of.
Different types of bulbs include:

  • Fluorescent
  • LED
  • Halogen
  • Incandescent

As you might be aware, we’re extremely fond of LED lighting! If you want to know more about the massive benefits of LED compared to older bulbs, we recommend checking out our blog post here.

While different lighting styles may include:

  • Downlights
  • Recessed downlights
  • Pendant
  • Flush-mount fixtures
  • Sconces
  • Track lighting

Type of switch

A dial might immediately come to mind when you think of dimming switches, but modern alternatives like sliders and even touch dimmers can be used, too.

You might even consider a remote control for your dimmer via an app on your phone, so you can control lighting from anywhere in the home.

Colour of the lights

Lighting in the home is measured in something called Kelvin.

This is referred to as the warmth (yellowness) or coolness (blueness) of your lights.

1000 kelvin is generally considered the “most yellow”, and 10,000 is considered the “most blue” that you would have in your home. Typically, this range falls between 3000K and 5000K.

Many people have a preference of how warm or cool they prefer their lighting. This can also differ between rooms; for example, you may want a cooler light in the kitchen and laundry, and warmer light in relaxing spaces like bedrooms or the living area.

Is it safe to install a dimmer switch?

Of course – provided it’s done by a professional!

Electricians like Plateau Electrical should be the only people you entrust to design and install your lighting solutions.

Like anything else related to electricity in your home, dimmers should only be installed by a licenced and qualified professional.

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