Electrical additions and renovations

Electrical additions and renovations

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Electrical renovations

Looking for a team to carry out an electrical renovation in your North Shore or Northern Beaches home?

Plateau Electrical are specialists when it comes to electrical renovations and additions to homes and business alike.

Our experience enables us to cover all the different electrical aspects of your renovation. From electrical design and layout, to quoting, through to completion in an efficient and professional manner, our team does it all with our trademark skill and workmanship.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, an eye for detail and an open-minded attitude to your ideas. Over the years we have worked on a number of Northern Beaches high-end renovations.

Bring your home into the 21st century with these electrical upgrades

Electrical wiring upgrades

We use a lot more devices and appliances than we did in the past – and as such, the typical home’s electricity usage has gone up accordingly.

The issue is that many older homes weren’t designed with this in mind, meaning that in some cases, your home’s electrical circuits and wiring may simply not be able to handle all of your devices and appliances, necessitating an upgrade – something Plateau Electrical can look after for you.

Lighting upgrades

We here at Plateau Electrical are big fans of LED lighting. And the reasons are pretty self-explanatory: they’re brighter and more powerful, all while consuming a fraction of the power and lasting twice as long as older types of bulbs (if not longer).

Lighting can have a big impact on how your home feels. In addition to installing powerful and efficient LED lights, our team can also devise lighting solutions that include dimmer switches and light temperature controls.

Switchboard upgrades

Your electrical switchboard is a key part of your electrical safety. Our team can make your home safer by replacing your old switchboard with one that’s more modern and up-to-date.

Electrical guidelines are constantly changing as electrical safety systems like switchboards become more sophisticated and effective. Our team keeps up with these changes and carries a range of modern solutions, allowing us to ensure that your home is safe from electrical problems.

Data cabling and networking

No modern home is complete without an effective data cabling and networking solution to power your Wi-Fi router, computers, phone, smart TV, home theatre and more.

Unfortunately, this is something that is often missing from many of the older homes that popular the North Shore and Northern Beaches.

In addition to electrical cabling, our team is also experienced with data and networking cabling. We can retrofit your home with a tailored data system, complete with high-speed cables and seamless ethernet ports.

The experts in electrical renovations

No matter how old the house is, our team can help bring your electrical set-up into the 21st century

Our team looks at your lifestyle, as well as what sorts of systems are needed to power it. We’ll create a tailored electrical renovation plan that works just the way you need it to.

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Working with you, from concept to completion

To ensure your home renovation electrical wiring plan goes smoothly, it’s important to lay a good foundation

And that starts by ensuring that your renovation plan is safe, feasible, and within budget.

While your builder excels at a great many things, they aren’t an electrician. As such, they won’t always be able to make the best recommendations when it comes to all the electrical requirements that come with your upcoming home renovation.

In addition to carrying out the installation itself, our electricians also work with you and your builder from the point of design, poring over blueprints and offering our expert advice to ensure that your renovation goes off without a hitch.

Our team can help to:

  • Choose suitable fittings
  • Evaluate how much of your existing electrical infrastructure can be reused
  • Design your circuit layout and choose socket locations
  • Ensure your design meets construction and electrical safety codes

These are just some of the things that our electrical specialists can help you out with.

If you want your home renovation to go off without a hitch, you’ll want to bring all of our knowledge and insight onboard early.
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Shop electrical fit-out

Our team can also carry out electrical fit-outs for shops and commercial properties throughout the Northern Beaches and North Shore.

Just like our residential service, we bring the exact same level of care and workmanship, whether you need new power points or a network of ethernet cables to power your computer systems.