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Good lighting makes all the difference

When you think of ways to make your home more comfortable, lighting isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind

An intimate, candlelit dinner. A movie in your home cinema. A late-night bathroom trip. Each of these still need some lighting – but do you really need the full power of your home’s bright lights for these situations?

Turning your lights up to full during these scenarios can make the experience deeply unpleasant. Not only does it waste power, but it can also interrupt or disturb what you’re doing, and hurt your eyes too.

Enter, light dimmers.

With a simple dial or push of a button, you’ll enjoy full control over your lighting, allowing you to set the exact lighting conditions and find a brightness level that best suits whatever it is that you’re doing around the home.

You’ll be able to tone down your lights to match natural lighting conditions, fit your desired mood, or match the task at hand.

Why install dimmer switches?

Set the mood dimmer switch North Shore, Sydney

Set the mood

Dimmer switches are the perfect way to set the mood in a room. With a simple turn of a dial, you can effortlessly achieve the lighting conditions you want.

There’s nothing worse than harsh bright lighting over a dining table when entertaining, or your lights reflecting off the screen while watching a film.

Dimmers give you the power to dictate how bright your room is – and help you set the mood accordingly.

Comfort dimmer switch North Shore, Sydney


Dimmers don’t just help you provide gentler and more comfortable lighting during the day – they also work brilliantly during the night.

Instead of being startled by the sudden blast of brightness, you can use dimmers to make the lights just bright enough to get around the house safely while also disturbing others in the house much less, allowing you to enjoy your late-night snacks and midnight bathroom runs without waking up the whole household!

Energy-efficiency dimmer switch North Shore, Sydney


By giving you total control over your lighting, dimmers can also help you save money – a light running at one quarter of the brightness will only use one quarter of the electricity, after all.

One of the benefits of LED lighting installation is their energy-efficiency. Even then however, you still don’t want to waste energy unnecessarily – something that dimmers can help you out with.

Giving you control over your lighting

Lighting solutions that are designed to offer maximum comfort

As one of the most visible ways electricity is used in your home, any mistakes with lighting can have an obvious and immediate effect on your home and comfort. You’ll want to ensure that you choose a qualified team for an electrical job this important!

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Can I retrofit my existing lights with dimmers?

A dimmer switch requires compatible lights to make the whole thing work

This is non-negotiable – if you install dimmers but retain older lights that don’t support dimming, you won’t only be left with a less-effective solution, but you may also create a major fire hazard in the process.

While dimmable light bulbs will work perfectly well on a non-dimmable circuit, the opposite is not true. Most conventional bulbs are designed to operate with a specific voltage.

Since most light dimmers operate by restricting the flow of electricity to the light bulb, which can result in electrical problems as the connected bulb is forced to run with less than the prescribed voltage and amperage.

Attempting to connect conventional, non-dimmable light that isn’t designed to change brightness to a dimmer switch can result in a wide range of issues:

  • Lights burning themselves out
  • Flickering
  • Shorter lifespan

Our electricians can not only install your dimmer switch; we can also help you design your system. Rely on our experts to design the circuit, select compatible bulbs, and choose the right dimmer for your needs.

If you can hear a humming or buzzing sound from your dimmer, it is most likely an old unit in need of some TLC. Dimmer Switches are very simple to replace for our team of qualified electricians in North Sydney.

Lighting plays an important role in the home

When we say we give you total control over your lighting, we mean it

Brightness is just one of the elements that can affect how comfortable your lighting – and by extension, your home – is.

Equally as important as brightness are things like light temperature, which is another way of describing light colour and warmth.

In addition to lights that are able to dim and vary their brightness, we also provide a range of bulbs that are able to change their tone and temperature, as well as control panels that feature temperature controls in addition to brightness controls.

Our team works with you from the point of design, allowing homeowners across the North Shore and the Northern Beaches to devise a lighting system that perfectly meets their requirements.

That includes devising solutions that allow you to adjust light conditions on the fly, such as light temperature and brightness!

  • Waterproofing
  • Workmanship
  • Parts selection
  • Sealing
  • Safety

As Master Electricians, you can trust our team to ensure that each of these elements is carried out with appropriate care and quality of work.

We’re trained to a higher standard than many other domestic electricians in the North Shore and the Northern Beaches. And this experience and training makes us the perfect choice for pool lighting installation in Sydney.

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