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Save space and enjoy a minimalistic look with a flexible and chic wall mounted solution

Gone are the days when you had to fill up the whole corner of your living room to house that big old television that was half a metre deep!

Technological changes have managed to astound us once again, as these days, it’s possible to choose televisions that are as little as 40mm thick.

Many TVs nowadays are also sold with mounting brackets allowing you to attach them directly to your wall for a more streamlined, modern appearance.

However, this doesn’t solve the problem of cables and wires trailing out from the back of your screen.

Oftentimes, homeowners have to resort to cable covers or trunking to reduce visual clutter.

While this will get the job done, there’s a better, more seamless way of doing it – one that’s best left in the hands of a professional electrician.

Our team can safely and securely mount your TV screen and completely eliminate visible wires, giving you a more seamless and visually-appealing home theatre or living room.

TV wall mount installation for…

Home theatres - TV wall mounting Northern Beaches

Home theatres

Mounting a TV to your wall involves more than just screwing in a mounting bracket and attaching the screen to it.

For a truly smooth experience and appearance, it’s crucial that you call an electrician to ensure that all the wiring associated with a home theatre installation (and not just the TV mounting itself) is seamless, and more importantly, safe.

Living rooms - TV wall moun installation Northern Beaches, Sydney, Sydney

Living rooms

The home theatre isn’t the only place where you may want to wall-mount your TV.

If your living room feels cluttered, our team can help improve things by mounting your TV to your wall, freeing up space (and even negating the need for a TV console), as well as hiding visible wires and cables.

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Game rooms

Dens, rumpus rooms, “man caves”… no matter what you call them, this is your private space to relax and indulge.

If you want to take your space to the next level, a wall-mounted TV or monitor screen is a great way to do it!

Professional TV Wall Mounting Service

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More than just TV wall mount installation in Sydney…

Who said you need to go to the cinema for the full movie experience?

More and more people are choosing to enjoy films from the comfort of their own home – no more talking audience members or crinkling wrappers to put up with – and best of all, you can pause whenever you want!

Of course, most home theatres and living rooms have a long way to go before they start matching the full cinema experience.

TV wall mount installation is a start, but for the proper movie experience, you’ll also need to think about things like:

  • Surround sound speaker mounting
  • Lighting – in particular, dimmable lights and even floor lighting
  • Data cabling for streaming

All of which are things that our Level 2 electricians in Northern Beaches can help you with!

TV wall mounting Sydney

Optimum viewing by every member of the family – in any room of the home!

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We’re committed to providing a higher level of service.

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