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Underfloor ventilation fans

  • Prevent mould and mildew
  • Stop property damage
  • Protect your air quality
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Underfloor ventilation electrician

It’s easy to forget that many homes in Sydney have an area directly underneath their floors

Mould and moisture under your floors can have myriad negative effects on your home and its occupants, and are often only detected when the issue has become noticeable inside the house as well as underneath it.

By this point, both your family and your home might suffer from side-effects such as:

  • Musty, mouldy smells
  • Sunken, warped floors
  • Termite infestations
  • Excessive indoor moisture

While there are many products on the market that treat these symptoms, there’s only one real way to beat this particular problem: a well-planned and professionally installed underfloor ventilation plan that takes away the humidity and prevents excessive moisture.

Ventilation ducts are an important part of the equation – another one that many homeowners overlook however is underfloor ventilation fans.

Underfloor ventilation fans Sydney

Protecting you from avoidable moisture and humidity build-up

An underfloor ventilation fan system can be an effective way of protecting your home from excessive moisture and humidity building up under your floors, as well as all the other issues this comes with

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Underfloor ventilation services

Underfloor ventilation installation Northern Beaches

Underfloor ventilation installation

Installing fans underneath a home can be difficult owing to the tight spaces and challenging working conditions that come with working beneath a home instead of inside it.

With over 15 years of experience performing a wide range of difficult electrical jobs, our team of Level 2 electricians in North Sydney can carry out difficult jobs like this safely and efficiently, ensuring that your system not only works, but that it’s safe and fit-for-purpose as well.

Ventilation consulting Northern Beaches

Ventilation consulting

Unlike a lot of other countries, Australia’s National Construction Code doesn’t set out a minimum number of air changes per hour for residential properties.

As experts in sub floor ventilation fan systems, our team can help you calculate the ideal number of air changes needed in your underfloor areas to curb mould growth and prevent excessive moisture build-up, and install underfloor fans accordingly.

Underfloor ventilation fan maintenance Northern Beaches

Underfloor ventilation fan maintenance

Just as with any other electrical system in your home, it’s important that your underfloor ventilation fans are maintained and looked after by a professional. Thanks to the tight spaces involved however, these types of jobs can be much harder than replacing your lights with LED lights.

With our experience in underfloor ventilation fans, our team can carry the job out efficiently and keep your fans working, ensuring your home stays protected from the issues that come with poor underfloor ventilation.

Advice you can rely on

Underfloor ventilation is something that needs to be built into your design – literally

While it’s possible to retrofit underfloor ventilation fans into your home, ideally you’ll want to ensure that your home has sufficient underfloor ventilation from the very beginning.

In addition to installing underfloor ventilation fans, our team of experts can also consult with you during the design process, ensuring that your blueprints have sufficient underfloor ventilation to prevent moisture build-up and mould growth.

This commitment extends beyond ventilation, too – our team can help you with ventilation in other parts of your home as well.

We also advise on a number of different aspects of your construction or renovation project, ensuring that all the various electrical systems are appropriate for your home and preferences.

Whether it’s consulting on underfloor ventilation fans or helping you switch out your old lighting from LED downlight installation, our team is committed to making your home as comfortable as possible!

We’ll look after your home

No matter what job you call on our electricians for, you can trust us to look after you

Your home is your palace – as such, it’s important that you get it looked after by somebody who cares about it just as much as you do.

Moreover, we strive to provide the best service possible.

Tradies can be dirty – we’re not, taking great effort to protect your home and clean up after ourselves. We’ll protect your valuables with protective covers and take measures to minimise how much mess we create.

At the end of the job, we’ll tidy up after ourselves and leave your home in the same condition in which it was when we arrived.

After all, it’s what homeowners in the North Shore and the Northern Beaches have come to expect when they welcome trusted trades into their homes.

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