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Looking for electrician Dee Why, Sydney? Dee Why is a central hub on the Northern Beaches showcasing excellent stores, delicious restaurants and fabulous ocean swimming pool. The Dee Why Corso has been lit up by some of electrical work in stores along this buzzing strip. Do not hesitate to contact us for any Dee Why electrical services

When our friendly client, Pam, reached out to an Electrician Dee Why about the monotonous lighting from the same lights she had had for years in her family home, we were able to install Dimmer switches. If you want more versatility to your lighting also, an Dee Why Electrician can quickly and easily install Dimmer switches for you too, so please get in touch with us!


We have worked in a lot of the Dee Why homes to replace old inefficient globes with more energy efficient globes.

One of our favourite Dee Why projects involved a large scale renovation. While the owners initially wanted the whole kitchen and bathroom done in stages, we were able to draft a more cost efficient plan which allowed us to redo both rooms in one go.

We have also installed fire alarms and safety switches in numerous Dee Why rental properties. We have great relationships with the commercial management who look after some of the big properties in the Northern Beaches and North Shore area.

Looking for electrical contractors Dee Why? We have you covered!

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