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Local emergency electrician near me

If you live in the Northern Beaches and North Shore and have been searching for a ‘local emergency electrician near me‘, Plateau Electrical is the team to call

It’s important that you have an electrician’s number saved in your phone for all of those unexpected electrical problems that can pop up around the home.

Our team are locals to the Northern Beaches and North Shore areas. And when it comes to electrical emergencies, this can make all the difference!

Time is of the essence when it comes to electrical emergencies.

We all know how dangerous electricity can be, which is why it’s so important that any electrical emergencies are resolved quickly.

Thanks to our proximity to the area, we can get to you quickly.

The longer a problem is left, the worse it can get – not to mention, the higher the chance of an accident happening.

Our rapid-response emergency service means we work hard to get to you as soon as we possibly can, keeping your family and property safe.

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Keeping your family and property safe

Storm and water damage

Whether it’s caused by a leak during a particularly strong thunderstorm or the fear that water has somehow made its way into one of your electrical outlets, water and electricity don’t mix, and can often result in damage that necessitates intervention from an emergency electrician.

Our team can identify and repair the issues that arise when water and electricity cross paths, protecting you from risks such as electrocution, burns, and electrical fires.

Sparking plugs and sockets

Under normal circumstances, your electrical plugs and sockets should be silent and cool to the touch – if they aren’t, this can indicate a failure with their insulation and fitting, which can lead to electrical shocks, fires, and short circuits.

Whatever the case, each of these are emergencies – and whatever you do, avoid using the affected plug or socket until an emergency electrician is able to take a look at it and safely repair or replace it for you.

Worn wiring and circuits

While they may not sound like big problems, these represent real electrical emergencies, and can pose a significant risk of electrocution, short circuits and fire.

The best way to prevent these eventualities is by ensuring that worn, frayed and broken wiring is identified and fixed before an accident occurs. We take stock of your wiring and circuits, locating potential issues and fixing them for you.

Electrical fires

Is an electrical outlet starting to smoke? Have you noticed a burning smell each time you plug an appliance into the socket? The first thing you need to do is cut the flow of electricity to your home. The second thing you need to do is to get in touch with an emergency electrician.

Our team will assess the extent of the damage and determine what can be done to fix the problem. We’ll also perform preventative inspections and electrical work to stop similar problems from arising in other parts of your house.

Electrical emergency? We’ve got you covered

We’re ready to help you out any time of day, for any type of problem

Electrical emergencies can’t wait – they need to be resolved fast to protect you, your family, and your home. We ensure complete peace of mind for all your electrical emergencies thanks to our fast response time and effective solutions.

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24-hour emergency electrical repairs

Electrical emergencies can spring up at any time – what’s more, most of the time they aren’t the type of thing that can wait until morning

Electrocution, electrical fires, appliance damage…

These are just some of the consequences that can arise if an electrical emergency isn’t detected and repaired quickly enough. The longer you go without calling an emergency electrician, the higher your risk of encountering one of these problems.

These problems need to be diagnosed and repaired immediately in order to protect your family and home.

That’s why our electricians are on call 24/7.

When we call ourselves 24-hour emergency electricians, we mean it. No matter the hour or the day, Plateau Electrical is on-call and ready to respond.

We understand that oftentimes, electrical emergencies can’t wait. Instead of scheduling a job for the following morning, we’ll endeavour to fix the problem immediately.

Need an emergency electrician in Sydney’s north?


Emergency electrician Northern Beaches

While the area was only consolidated into its council area in 2017, the Northern Beaches have been a distinct part of Sydney’s fabric for almost as long as the city has been around for.

And for much of that time, our team has been working in the Northern Beaches, providing residents with rapid-response, 24-hour emergency electrician services. From minor issues to major electrical faults, our electricians are ready to turn up and fix the issue, whenever you call us.


Emergency electrician North Shore

No matter where you’re located across Sydney’s North Shore, there are two things you need: a safe and well-maintained electrical set-up in the home, as well as a contact in the event of any unexpected electrical emergencies.

We provide rapid emergency electrical assistance to residents throughout the North Shore. You can trust our experienced electricians to keep you safe with effective repairs and solutions, no matter what electrical emergency you’re facing.


Emergency electrician for all of Sydney

While the Northern Beaches and North Shore might be our regular territory, by no means is it the only area that our emergency electricians work in. We aren’t going to let suburb boundaries stop us from responding to an electrical emergency!

So give us a call, no matter the time of day, and we’ll turn up along with our signature workmanship, skill, and customer service. Call our emergency electrician in Sydney 24 hours a day!

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