Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most energy efficient light globes?

    LED lights globes are the most efficient light globes. They offer better, brighter light at a cheaper cost. In comparison, the old Halogen downlight requires 6x more energy than a LED light.

    The initial higher investment for quality LED globes is offset by the reduced power bills and less frequent maintenance requirements. Most LED manufacturers offer a 3 – 7 year replacement warranty depending on the brand.

  • How do I stop my smoke alarm beeping?

    There are 2 reasons that a smoke alarm will beep, either if there is smoke detected or because it requires your attention for a battery or fault. Usually a flat or low battery can be fixed by replacing the old one. However, power supply loss is another reason why smoke alarms may beep. To prevent issues, loss of life and potential risk you must check your fire alarms regularly and ensure new batteries are installed periodically. If you do change the battery and the beeping continues, contact your electrician to assist you.

  • Why do my lights flicker?

    In some cases, when you turn on a large appliance such as a big heater, your lights may flicker. The flicker is because the large appliance is “stealing” the electricity momentarily.

    Another reason why globes may flicker is because the globe is installed incorrectly which results in poor conduction of electricity. An electrician is able to inspect the wiring and investigate if there are any other potential electrical issues.

  • Are ceiling fans cheap to run?

    The average ceiling fan on medium speed only uses the same electricity as a 60 watt light globe. Ceiling fans are a lot cheaper to run in comparison to air-conditioning.

  • Why do I need a safety switch?

    Safety switches save lives so Plateau Electrical place a lot of importance on correctly installing these in homes on the North shore and Northern beaches.

    Safety switches are a very minor financial investment which save lives. Safety switches are designed to cut the electricity to a faulty circuit within 30ms (10 times faster than the average human reaction) thus minimising any harm caused by an electrical fault

  • Is it worth installing LED down lights?

    There are many LED downlights available on the market which can cut your electricity bill right down for you. In terms of cost efficiency most old LED downlights draw around 50 watts per fitting whereas your average LED draws around 12 watts.

    LED upgrades generally pay for themselves within the first few years by way of lower power bills and far less maintenace and replacement.

  • Are my halogen down lights dangerous?

    Halogen downlights are only dangerous if installed incorrectly or due to ceiling insulation or other combustible materials being too close to the down light.

    Plateau electrical ensure there is enough space to dissipate the heat and correct installation is very important to us.

  • Why is my electricity bill so high?

    Heating and cooling appliances are usually responsible for high electricity bills.

    An energy monitor can provide real time information about your energy usage so you can adjust your usage accordingly.

  • Is my television a big user of electricity?

    Generally the more heat given off by your TV is a good indicator of how much electricity it is using. You can test this yourself  by using your hand in front of the screen.

    Plasma TV’s cost more because you pay more for the energy being wasted as heat. Each gas cell on the TV needs to be excited for the bright colour to appear. LED TV’s are generally cheaper to run because the light is shared more efficiently across the pixels.

  • Can I speed up my wireless internet speeds?

    Boosters are a great way to speed up your internet and improve your reach. A lot of large homes in the Northern Beaches and North Shore have found this really useful so that the signal reaches all of their home. Plateau electrical can improve your wiring and reduce electrical interferences to make your internet faster.

  • Can I install my own garden lighting?

    If you decide to install your own garden lighting, it is important to remember to make sure the system you buy has a long enough lead to reach your outdoor power point.

    Plateau electrical can install a switch and outlet to provide power to the garden system.

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