How do I know when I need an emergency electrician?

How do I know when I need an emergency electrician?

Electrical emergencies can happen in anyone’s home at any time of day – or night!

But how does one differentiate between a minor electrical issue and a concerning, electrical problem that needs to be assessed immediately?

The tricky thing is that most of the time you just don’t know. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact an emergency electrician to carry out a wide range of domestic electrical services for you, including emergency issues.

However, it pays to familiarise yourself with the signs.

Knowing a potential hazard when you see one is the first step in keeping your home and family safe from electrical emergencies. This week, we’re sharing some clear signs that you should call your local emergency electrician.


What is considered an electrical emergency?

You always need to prioritise the safety of your home and family. Arranging routine inspections is a great way to get started.

But what about issues both small and large that happen unexpectedly at any hour of the night?

We outline some signs that are sure warnings you need to contact an emergency electrician.

1. Smoke or burning smell

Sometimes unknown smoke can be seen and/or smelt in your home

Internal cables and run down electrical work or appliances can create this smoke that emits from your outlets or from other vents in your house.

If this happens, immediately check the source of the burning smell, turn off all power sources before unplugging anything from outlets.

Most of the time, burnt smells come from outlets, switches, and sockets.

You may also find the smell coming directly from an old appliance that needs to be thrown out.

2. Sparks emitting from power sockets

Sparks normally occur at a socket when you connect an appliance to it.

This can happen because you are plugging the device in while the switch or device is already on.

You should always turn your appliance off and turn the switch off at the outlet, before unplugging and plugging in devices to avoid sparks.

Electrical sparks can also happen because of:

  • Short circuits
  • Water leaks
  • Damaged power lines
  • Old outlets
  • Faulty sockets and wirings

3. Flickering lights

Flickering lights generally occur because of an overloaded circuit or an overloaded powerboard. This should be avoided by taking out devices and plugging them in somewhere else.

Flickering lights may seem like a common thing, but they can actually start a fire.

A part from an overloaded system, here are some other reasons why you may experience flickering lights:

  • Loose light bulbs
  • Damaged power lines
  • Loose and outdated electrical wirings
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Faulty light switches

4. Unexplained humming or buzzing sounds

Humming or buzzing from lights or electrical appliances can be distracting.

It can also be an area of concern depending on its source and frequency.

A “mains hum” is the normal electrical sounds you often notice from devices when the rest of your home is quiet. Like when your TV is on, but on mute, or when you leave a light on for too long.

But what if you hear sounds louder than this, or sounds that are more like a twang, crack, or sizzle?

This generally happens because of a damaged wire or circuit breaker. If the sound is central to a room, avoid using electricity in that room until an emergency electrician in the Northern Beaches assists.

5. Power outage

Often power outages happen because your circuit breakers trigger an outage. But why would you have something connected in your house that deliberately turns your power off?

Circuit breakers do this as an automatic response to electrical faults or high fluctuation of voltage to avoid electrical damage which can lead to fires.

So if a power outage happens, don’t stress, it’s good to know your breakers are working.

If you experience a power outage you should go out on the street to see if other people are having the same problem, especially your direct neighbours.

Power outages can be a communal powerline issue – like from a fallen branch or power line – or it could be central to your home.

If it is communal, the council will generally organise street repairs for you.

If it’s just an outage in your home, you’ll need to call a local election to assess your home and you’ll probably need electrical repairs in the North Shore.


What are the actions to take in an electrical emergency?

When an electrical emergency strikes, time is of the essence. If you can, follow these simple steps. However if you’re in doubt, or you or anyone around you is in danger, get out of your house and call a residential electrician immediately.

Call triple zero

If a fire has started or you or anyone around you is in any kind of danger, call Triple Zero (000) now, as getting direct help is a priority.

Find the source of the electrical issue

Use your senses to find the source of the issue. It may be an appliance, a light fixture, a socket, or even your switchboard. Look for smoke or sparks, and use your nose to identify burning smells.

Turn off the power

Next, turn off your home’s main supply of power.

If it’s an internal issue, it’s best to avoid using electricity in your home until it’s assessed.

Call a certified electrician in Sydney

Next, it’s imperative you call a licensed and qualified emergency electrician for immediate advice and support.

What to look for in an emergency electrician

Of course, where minutes matter, you might be tempted to pick any old electrician you find on the internet.

This is why we think it’s so important to do your due diligence before an emergency strikes, so you have the name and number of a qualified and trustworthy electrician already in your phone, ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Searching for a local electrician doesn’t need to be hard. Look for these qualities and features:

  • Without a doubt, they must be licensed and certified
  • Check out their reviews on Google
  • Look for an electrician who you can rely on for 24/7 service
  • Choose a reliable, transparent, and honest electrician

We’re so sure that when you call Plateau, we will become your electrician for life – for all your electrical needs, from domestic electrical fault finding to electrical emergencies that strike when you least expect them.

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