New Hot Water Circuit - Manly

In Manly, Iain and his family had solar and Tesla batteries installed in their home. Marketed as Powerwall, residents can minimise their reliance on the grid by storing excess energy generated by the sun during the day. With the cost of utilities rising, more and more customers are looking to more efficient sources of energy. Thankfully, we have been working with suppliers that are ahead of their game when it comes to solar technology, so we were glad to help out.

To make the most of their ‘free power’, Iain decided to change their hot water from gas to electricity. Luckily, Plateau Electrical has existing connections with other trustworthy contractors in the Northern Beaches area so we liaised with a local plumber to install a new hot water circuit.



The first step involved installing a new circuit connecting power from the main switchboard to the rear of the house. Then, a new isolation switch was installed at the hot water system so it could be accessed and maintained safely by the plumber. Finally, a new safety switch was installed to protect the entire circuit and reduce the risk of power outages and electric shock.

While the job was straight-forward, Plateau Electrical has seen its fair share of challenges. In this case, it was access.

Limited access is a common issue for electricians. At Iain’s residence, we were simply unable to crawl under the house or into the roof to set-up the cabling. As a licensed electrical contractor, we are accustomed to improvising in challenging situations so instead, we ran the mounted conduit down the side of the house. We were able to tuck it in under an existing timber detail where it would be virtually invisible with a coat of paint.

The entire job took only a few hours and by the end, Iain was happy with the final result. He was even happier to save money by switching from gas to electricity!

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