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Smoke Alarm Replacement - Manly

The Barnes Family were awoken at 3am by a blaring smoke alarm. Fortunately, there was no sign of a fire anywhere in the building.

However, a smoke alarm replacement was in order. Michael was searching for a local electrician in Manly to come out and fix it immediately as he couldn’t stand the thought of another rude awakening from the smoke alarm.

Michael rang Plateau Electrical at 7am and ran them through the issue they were having. Plateau Electrical dispatched their smoke alarm specialist immediately and were on site by 9am.

Nick was able to carry out an inspection and testing on the smoke alarm and found that the sensors had begun to fail. This was most likely due to the age of the smoke alarm as it had expired 6 years previously.


Client Barnes Family
Location Manly, 2095
Completion Date January 2020
Project Type Safety Inspection and Smoke Alarms
Smoke Alarm


Nick was able to provide up-front pricing for the replacement of the faulty smoke alarm and then immediately carry out the work. Nick tested the alarm and explained how to silence it and change the battery to Michelle.’

For more information of fire safety in your home visit the NSW Fire Service

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