dimmer switches installation northern beaches and north shore
dimmer switches installation north shore and northern beaches


Dimmer switches are the perfect way to set the mood in a room. Dimmers can also save money as a light running at one quarter of the power will only use one quarter of the electricity.

These switches are one of the easiest ways to help create an ambiance in a room, with a simple turn of a dial you can effortlessly achieve the look you want. There’s nothing worse than harsh bright lighting over a dining table or living room when entertaining. They also work brilliantly during the night, instead of being startled by the sudden bright lighting you can make the lights just bright enough to get around the house safely while also disturbing others in the house much less.

If you can hear a humming or buzzing sound from your dimmer, it is most likely an old unit in need of some TLC. Dimmer Switches are very simple to replace for our team of qualified electricians.


We regularly upgrade old dimming systems and install new ones so that the homeowners of the North Shore and Northern Beaches have full control of their lighting.

Plateau Electrical has installed dimmer switches in Manly, Chatswood, North Sydney and other locations around Northern Beaches.

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