Fault finding and rectification north shore and northern beaches sydney

Fault finding and rectification

Fault Finding and Rectification are required by all househilds. A majority of electrical faults are due to safety switches tripping after they’ve detected a fault in the circuit. This is generally due to a faulty appliance and can be rectified by unplugging all appliances and resetting the safety switch.

Occasionally, this won’t do the trick and this is where we come in. The licensed team at Plateau Electrical has had years of experience in Fault Finding and Rectification.

We offer services in electrical wiring, installation and testing procedures. This is thanks to their extensive work in new homes and renovations, which enable us to accurately locate electrical faults . Once located we are able to rectify these issues and provide an effective solution


We at Plateau Electrical are focused on the well being of our clients around North Shore and Northern Beaches in Sydney. We want to save lives by preventing fatalities in the residential homes and businesses in the area.

Plateau Electrical has fixed electrical faults in Lane Cove, Mona Vale and other locations around Northern Beaches and North Shore, Sydney.

Looking for an electrician in Northern Beaches and North Shore? We have you covered!

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  • 24 electrician North Shore and Northern Beaches
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