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An electrician binding copper wires together and sealing them with insulation stripe.

General maintenance and repairs

General maintenance and repairs are essential for any household. Unfortunately the majority of electrical goods purchased over the counter, by the average householder, are of poor quality.  When you hire the services of a licensed electrical contractor, be sure to use the information provided by them to your greatest advantage.  We, as general maintenance electrical contractors, are all too familiar with these cheap and nasty devices that more often than not only last a few months before requiring electrical repairs or even replacement.  The old saying of buy once, buy quality has never been more relevant in the vast sea of cheap materials we are sailing in today. Plateau Electrical will help with all your general maintenance and repairs!

Be it a simple light globe change or a long list of household electrical issues that have been building up for months, feel safe that we at Everest Electrical will guide you towards quality materials and cost effective low maintenance solutions to all of your electrical ailments.


Plateau Electrical are focused on saving lives and preventing fatalities on the North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney. We want to keep you and your families safe. We are able to install hard-wired and interconnected smoke alarms with 9 volt batteries as a backup.

  • Guaranteed to always be on time – no excuses

  • A lifetime warranty on all workmanship and labour

  • Product guarantee of 24 months minimum and up to 25 years

  • Reliable and trustworthy

  • No mess left behind
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