lighting northern beaches
lighting northern beaches


Halogen downlights originally hit the shelves around 20 years ago and instantly became a massive hit. They replaced older style surface mount light fittings. They provided sleek, low profile lighting with even coverage throughout the room and when installed correctly, provided the house with a modern, designer feel. Unfortunately with all the benefits they provided, there were numerous downsides to the design and function of the trusty old halogen downlight.

Halogen downlights commonly used a 50w bulb per downlight and a typical house often had upwards of 30 or 40 downlights which can equate to over 2000w of power –  the equivalent of running your oven at full blast!) Now that’s a lot of electricity and as the cost of electricity began to rise over the past decade, the lighting began to have a significant impact on the electricity bill (especially if you have forgetful kids and/or partners!).


A house with 40 halogen downlights, being used for 4 hours per day at $0.28 per KwH will cost $1022.00 per year (not including the cost of bulbs, transformers, lampholders and electricians!). In comparison, a change to 10w LED downlights will see that $1022.00 reduced to just $204.40. That’s a HUGE saving of $817.60 per annum. Not only is that a huge saving on the electricity bill, most LED downlights have a warranty of 3-7 years (depending on brand) and a life expectancy of much longer (think 10-20 years). This means you won’t change a bulb, transformer or lamp holder for at least 3 years but more realistically 10+ years.

Fire Risk and Safety

Another important factor to consider is safety. Halogen downlights operate at between 300-500 degrees celsius which can have a significant impact on the heating/cooling of a home (particularly in our increasingly hot summers). In addition to this, having 30-40 uncovered downlights operating at over 300 degrees can become a serious fire risk, an issue brought to light during the governments 2008/2009 insulation scheme where insulation was being placed directly over downlights and causing numerous house fires. Personally, I have lost count of how many times I have pulled down a downlight only to find charred insulation, timber supports or burnt cabling. In fact, it has been estimated that halogen downlights account for 1 in 5 roof fires!

An LED upgrade in your home or business is a surefire way to help reduce electricity bills and make your home safer. We have an extensive knowledge of LED downlights and carry a huge range in all of our service vehicles allowing us to upgrade your downlights at a moments notice. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any issues for your lighting Northern Beaches and North Shore .


The halogen down lights were very popular on the North Shore and Northern Beaches over the past 15 years and now it’s time to move with the trend and upgrade to LED’s to make your home, brighter, safer and more efficient.

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