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From the early 2000’s halogen and LED downlights shot up in popularity as they became cheaper and more fashionable. They went into just about every new home. The issue was that they were incredibly inefficient and 1x60w Bulb in the centre of a room would often be replaced by 6x50w LED downlights. The other issue with the old style of halogen down lights was that they ran at incredibly high temperature making them a fire risk if installed incorrectly or were covered over by insulation.

Within the last few years LED Downlights technology has shot through the roof (or into the roof rather) and has replaced the halogens. They have a much lower operating temperature, draw significantly less power and provide much more light.

LED downlights generally draws less than 13W, making it over 4 times more efficient than an old halogen downlight. On top of this we expect most LED’s to last up to 50,000 hours compared to 6,000 hours on an old halogen.


The halogen down lights were very popular on the North Shore and Northern Beaches over the past 15 years and now it’s time to move with the trend and upgrade to LED’s to make your home, brighter, safer and more efficient.

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