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Safety Switch Installations is now the minimum Australia Standard required on all domestic /residential circuits. This means that all power, light, oven, AC and Hot Water System circuits need to have a safety switch installed. Old fuses and circuit breakers are only effective in protecting the cable and the appliances because they are designed to switch off in the event of excess current. Unfortunately, the threshold for tripping is far exceeds the what would seriously injure or kill a person. New Safety Switch Installations combine all the benefits of the overload protection that circuit breakers while also providing protection against electric shock.

How does it do this?

Safety switches and RCD’s (Residual Current Device) constantly monitor and measure the current running through circuit. If it detects a leak (through a faulty appliance or person) it disconnects the power to the circuit almost instantaneously (within milliseconds). Safety switch installations have saved many lives since their introduction and for this reason they are now mandatory on every circuit.

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We focus on ensuring that safety switches are fully operational in homes and businesses on the North Shore and Northern Beaches. These handy devices DO save lives and prevent electrical fires. Safety switches are now a legal requirement under NSW legislation for rental properties.

Plateau Electrical has installed safety switches in Dee Why, Mona Vale, Turrammura and other locations around Northern Beaches and North Shore.

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