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Repairing power supply


Safety Switch Installations is the minimum Australia Standard requires you to have on all power and lighting circuits to prevent fires and injury. The old fuses and circuit breakers serve their own purpose but are incredibly slow and inefficient when it comes to prevent injury. New Safety Switch Installations combine all the benefits of the overload protection that circuit breakers provided with the new technology of a Residual Current Device.

After Safety Switch Installations you will be able to constantly monitor the amount of electricity that goes out of the switchboard and measures it up against the amount flowing back in. If these ratios are not equal (usually caused by a fault on the circuit) they instantly cut the power to that circuit typically within in 10-30 milliseconds (10 times faster than the average human reaction time).


We focus on ensuring that safety switches are fully operational in homes and businesses on the North Shore and Northern Beaches. These handy devices DO save lives and prevent electrical fires. Safety switches are now a legal requirement under NSW legislation for rental properties.

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