3 essentials for your home office to improve productivity, connectivity and speed

3 essentials for your home office to improve productivity, connectivity and speed

With millions of Australians currently working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been a better time to set-up your home office. While most small businesses already have an office space set-up at home, those who rent out commercial spaces may not have given further thought to working remotely.

That is, until now.

Home office productivity and collaboration technology is, by far, one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Since the mandatory lock-down early in 2020, the requirement for computer access 24/7 has exploded.

As a result, small-to-medium sized enterprises have swiftly adopted digital transformation in their business.

Whether you are a small business owner who works part-time, casual or full-time, there is no exception: from this moment on, you must have fast connectivity in order to efficiently deliver services to your customers. There is now an added expectation for customers to be able to reach you via communication applications and to do so seamlessly at any time.

Therefore, make setting up your home office a priority while you have a little down time self-isolating.

How can I improve productivity at work from home?

1. Set-up a dedicated space for work

Many highly skilled professionals are working from their kitchen table, bedroom and dare I say it – the bathroom! Not only is this going to diminish your productivity significantly, but it will also be a physical and mental strain. You’ll be easily distracted and furthermore, it looks unprofessional to conduct a video call from your bed!

To reduce fatigue and ensure you stay focused, allocate space in your house for a desk and comfortable office chair. An ergonomic chair and computer workstation can help reduce wrist, neck or back strain when working throughout the day.

2. Light up your office space

It is proven there is a significant connection between office lighting and productivity, with warm and natural light having the best effect. Lighting can also decrease depression and improve alertness. In some cases, it might not be an option to set up your office next to a big window, not to mention, it can still be a challenge to get suitable lighting when working during the night.

Regardless, you should have ample lighting set-up for your desk area. A desk or floor lamp is good, but a ceiling light is even better to distribute the most amount of light. You can get some funky designs that are both affordable and easy to install from IKEA. Your local electrician can also assist you if you need help installing LED lighting.

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3. Get your cabling and connectivity in order

You’re probably running a laptop, printer, phone and multiple devices throughout the day as well as a headset for regular video calls – all connected via USB. To save constant plugging and unplugging, consider installing a docking station that connects all your external hardware directly to your computer via a single cable that can be easily detached/attached.

To minimise power outages, ask your Northern Beaches electrician to install a 4-gang power socket. As oppose to double-adaptors or power boards that are notorious for tripping the power, a 4-gang power point is the safest option for your home office. It can also take a higher power load than conventional 2-gang power points.

There is also an increasing need for speed and connectivity, which is a crucial part of your home office set-up. If you haven’t already, get connected with NBN. The technology you receive depends on what’s available in your area, so look into cost options and speed of delivery. Since the national broadband network runs multiple fibre networks, you will need a Wi-Fi mesh system or data cable installed.

Setting up your home office is a straight-forward but necessary task. I am only a phone call away if you need assistance. For an electrician on the Northern Beaches or North Shore, feel free to give me a call on 02 9982 8668 or drop me an email info@plateauelectrical.com.au – I’m available 24/7!