Top 10 simple improvements we can make while at your home

Top 10 simple improvements we can make while at your home

If you previously haven’t thought about the small details in your home, now is a great time to make small yet impactful adjustments to improve the look, functionality and safety of your home.

Here are some suggestions for lighting:

Dimmer Switch

To help set the ambience while entertaining guests, consider installing dimmers. Adjusting the brightness of lights can help create the mood when you’re hosting a dinner party and in general, just add great effect to your interior styling.

LED Lighting

Did you know you can reduce your electricity bills, as well as decrease the risk of fire just by installing LED downlights? Many houses still have old halogen lights installed, which can consume as much as five times more power than LED.

Sensor lighting

Sensors are a great way to improve your home safety, especially in outdoor areas prone to intruders. By setting up a sensor light, you get an added layer of security to your home. Not to mention the convenience of not having to fumble for your keys in the dark.

Smart lighting

Everyone is talking about automation these days, so why would your home be any different? There is a wide range of easy-to-install retrofit solutions that put you in complete control of your lighting. Accessible through your smartphone, tablet or smart speaker (Google/Alexa) from virtually anywhere in the world, getting ‘smart’ lighting will be the future of home automation.


Electrical safety inspection Northern Beaches & North Shore Sydney

Here are some tips for home safety:

Switch to a 4-gang socket

Great for the bedside, home office or behind the TV, a 4-gang powerpoint will reduce the number of annoying power outages in your home. Since 4-gang powerpoints are made to handle heavier power loads, they can, therefore, handle multiple appliances at once such as computers, TV’s and stereos. On the other hand, powerboards cannot, in which case your power will continue to trip.

Install USB powerpoints

USB outlets are now integrated into power so the need for bulky adaptors is no longer required. You can charge two smartphones at the same time while freeing up space for other electrical appliances such as a desk lamp or alarm clock. It’s also perfect for the home office if you have multiple USB cables and computers running at the same time.

Replace switches

Cracked and broken switches can be incredibly dangerous. Besides looking unsightly, cracked, loose and broken switches can cause electrocution and, in some cases, death. I have heard of instances where people have been zapped in the middle of the night using the bathroom switch, only to find it had become loose and exposed live parts inside.

Inspect all circuits

Electrical outlets can still pose a significant safety threat where circuits in a house are unprotected, even if there’s a safety switch. Often, the safety switch will only protect some circuits and therefore leave others exposed. If you’re not sure about whether your entire house is protected, ask us to carry out a free inspection while we’re there.

Install a working smoke alarms

Many people do not realise that smoke alarms expire every 10 years, which can later cause issues if there is an accident and you submit an insurance claim (many policies have exclusions if there are no working smoke alarms). Smoke alarm installation are vital for your home safety, so make sure it’s installed correctly and hasn’t passed its expiration date.

If you have any questions about the above suggestions or would like a free quote, give me a call on 02 9982 8668 or drop me an email – I’m a licensed electrician servicing the Northern Beaches and available 24/7!