A sleek, affordable way to keep your cool

Ceiling Fan Installation

  • Energy-efficient cooling
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor areas
  • Ensures even air distribution
  • Can be used to both heat and cool
Keep your home cool

The humble ceiling fan still has a place in your home

Sometimes, you don’t need to turn the A/C on to stay cool

Ceiling fan installation is an efficient option to keep you cool during the warmer months, and a great alternative to air conditioning on those warm but not-quite-uncomfortable spring and summer days.

A ceiling fan is a significantly cheaper way of cooling your house given that they only use about 2% of the energy that an average air conditioner does.

Ceiling fans also move air around the room and help draw in the afternoon breezes that summer in Sydney is known for, and can be used in conjunction with your summer cooling or winter heating to spread the comfort around.

It’s these qualities and more that make ceiling fans a worthwhile choice for a number of circumstances, even in the age of air conditioning:

  • Energy-efficient cooling alternative when it’s not quite hot enough for A/C
  • Cooling for outdoor areas where air conditioning simply won’t work
  • Large rooms to help distribute cool air from air conditioning systems evenly

Additionally, it can be used during winter, too, in the opposite direction to help push down warmer air that naturally rises.

Make no mistake, the humble ceiling fan still has a role in your home!

And just as with any other major electrical upgrade or improvement around the house, it’s one that’ll require a licensed electrician to carry out.

Rely on Plateau Electrical for ceiling fans in the Northern Beaches

Ceiling fan installation Northern Beaches

Fan installation

Ceiling fans no longer have to be a noisy eyesore like they were back in the day.

Today, there are all types of fans available from practically silent, sleek white models to huge polished chrome fans that become a centrepiece and talking point of the room.

Whether you want to add a fan to one of your rooms, improve conditions in an undercover alfresco area, or as part of a larger construction or renovation project, our team is more than capable of carrying out ceiling fan installation for you.

Ceiling fan light replacement North Sydney

Ceiling fan light replacement

Many modern ceiling fans are fitted with a light, too, making them a sleek and practical choice for many rooms of the home, including living spaces and bedrooms.

Need to change or upgrade the light that’s attached to your ceiling fan?

LED light installation offers brighter, more energy-efficient lighting options. If you want to bring your ceiling fan into the 21st century by swapping the old incandescent or halogen light with an LED alternative, get in touch with Plateau’s electrical experts.

Ceiling fan replacement North Shore Sydney

Ceiling fan replacement

Has your current ceiling fan seen better days? Want to upgrade to one that’s more stylish, or larger and better at distributing air around your room, or just generally runs quieter than your current fan?

If so, you’ll need to get in touch with a professional, as this is a job that can be quite challenging to carry out safely and effectively. We’ll help choose the best solution for your needs and install it to the highest safety standards.

Get your home looked after by a pro

Whether it’s replacing a ceiling fan or any other type of electrical, Plateau Electrical is the team to call

We aim to be the very best. In addition to our certification as Level 2 electricians – something not all can boast – our team takes great steps to provide you with industry-leading service and electrical advice as well.

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More than ceiling fan installation

Our team is committed to providing the best service possible

And when it comes to ceiling fans, that requires us to do more than just install your fan for you.

Our team of electricians bring a wealth of experience to the table.

In addition to that however, we also go further when providing you with electrical services, including for jobs involving fan installation. In particular, we can help you by:

  • Choosing the best location for your ceiling fan
  • Helping you select lighting options
  • Finding and recommending sleek, chic options that fit your home

We believe in providing the very best service possible – something that extends beyond workmanship and skill.

We’re clean and tidy during the job itself, using boot covers and drop sheets, and we clean up any mess we create. Furthermore, upfront pricing means that you won’t need to worry about any unexpected costs or hidden surprises.

Why choose Plateau Electrical?

We’re Level 2 electricians – and when comes to choosing a sparkie in Sydney’s North Shore, that’s a big deal

In NSW, there are 3 “levels” of electricians, from Level 1 to Level 3. Each additional level is certified to do more complicated work than the one underneath it.

Compared to your standard residential electricians, Level 2 electricians like the team at Plateau Electrical undergo a more thorough training process, and are licensed to carry out more advanced jobs.

This covers sophisticated services like metering services, connecting properties to mains power, industrial electrical installation and more in addition to ordinary domestic and commercial electrical repairs and service.

All of this is to say that we bring a higher level of experience, skill and training to the table.

You’ll want to choose a sparkie who can carry the job out better than the rest – and that’s why our status as Level 2 electricians matters!

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