Why you need an electrician to install your ceiling fan

Why you need an electrician to install your ceiling fan

The humble ceiling fan is more cost effective than air conditioning, perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas. It can be used to both heat and cool your home – which means lower energy bills, too!

Ceiling fans are more than just fans, now, they’re part of the design of your home, adding to the look and feel as well as the functionality and temperature.

Should I hire an electrician to install a ceiling fan?

Installing your new ceiling fan isn’t something you can do yourself. You’ll need a licensed electrician to ensure it’s installed correctly, safely, and effectively.

Just like with any major electrical upgrade or improvement around the house, ceiling fan installation requires someone with experience.

Save yourself time, money, and potential damage to your property with a little help from our electricians in the North Shore.

Why do I need an electrician to install a ceiling fan?

If you don’t install a ceiling fan correctly, you may end up damaging the fan, your ceiling, walls, and in the worst case scenario, hurting yourself or someone else.

In general, installing anything electrical to your home without the proper know-how may lead to a mishap or someone getting hurt.

Avoid creating a major fire or physical hazard – if you try to do the installation yourself, the wires could be loose or incorrectly connected, you may be at risk of electric shock, or the fan might not be properly supported – all of which can pose a risk to you and your family’s safety.

Additionally, some fans have fitted lights, too, which can make the wiring more complicated, particularly if you’re not sure what you are doing!

  • Hiring an electrician guarantees your installation is compliant and safe
  • If a ceiling fan is installed without the proper support, it could result in serious injuries
  • Incorrectly installed ceiling fans can damage the fan, ceiling, and wiring
  • Extra high ceilings can be dangerous to access without the proper equipment
  • Licensed electricians can ensure the unit is safely installed with the correct ceiling fan-rated box and wiring


Check the ceiling box – your electrician will know which ceiling box to choose for your new ceiling fan and will be able to expertly install it.

Plateau Electrical Ceiling Fan Installation

How do you replace an existing ceiling fan?

Modern ceiling fans are far from the loud, slow, ugly designs of the past.

New ceiling fans are sleek, chic, and improve the interior design of your home. There are heaps of lighting options too, so if your current ceiling fan has seen better days and it’s time for an upgrade, we can help you with ceiling fan replacement.

Replacing a ceiling fan isn’t super straightforward – that’s why we always recommend working with a licensed professional.

There may be some additional wiring, changes to how the fan is mounted, as well as wiring checks to ensure it can accommodate the new ceiling fan.

The location of the fan is also a factor, including whether it’s indoors or out, the type of fan, and how many fans you want to install at the one time.

Also, depending on the age of your property, we may also uncover some issues with its wiring, including old, damaged, and fraying wires.

Can you install a ceiling fan without wiring?

Installing a ceiling fan without wiring means you’ll need to run cables to connect it to a power source. As such, we encourage you to rely on a professional electrician to connect your ceiling fan to your home’s existing electrical system.

Do ceiling fans have to be hard wired?

No, ceiling fans don’t have to be hard wired. But this may affect the overall aesthetic of your house because the fan will need to be plugged in somewhere -and messy cables are not the safest nor most aesthetic experience!

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Our team is here to add as much value to you as possible, we’re able to guide you on the best placement for your ceiling fan.

Blending functionality with safety, our team works efficiently to ensure we can solve your electrical problems, enhance your living spaces and comfort, and provide expert tailored advice when you need it most.

Whether you’re looking to install a new fan or replace an existing one or need any other sort of electrical service around the home, Plateau’s electricians in Mona Vale are the team to call!

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