How safe is your electrical set-up?

Electrical safety inspection

  • Protect yourself from electrocution
  • Reduce the risk of electrical fires
  • Safeguard your appliances from damage
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Your safety is our priority

The best protection against electrocution, fire, and electrical damage is an electrical system that’s healthy, regularly inspected and rigorously-maintained by a professional

As part of Plateau Electrical’s focus on the safety of the Northern Beaches and North Shore, we offer an obligation free safety inspection on all our jobs.

We are more than happy to take you through our findings and explain any potential hazards as well as things to look out for in the future as potential problems, and discuss the best possible way to rectify these issues.

Our team of qualified electricians bring a wealth of experience to your electrical safety inspection. We come from a background of large, industrial-scale electrical jobs.

Not only are these jobs considerably more complex, but they’re also a lot more dangerous, necessitating even stricter safety measures – measures which we bring into your home electrical safety check.

Home electrical safety inspection checklist

These are some of the most important safety features we look at when we come to your home.

Wiring inspection Northern beaches & North shore Sydney


As part of your electrical safety inspection, our electricians will take a look at your home’s electrical wiring, paying particular attention to connections and electrical insulation to ensure that everything is in good condition and that there are no breaks or other issues.

Sockets inspection Northern beaches & North shore Sydney


While your circuits may appear to be fine, they could be hiding all sorts of issues just underneath the surface.

Our electricians will take a look “under the hood”, inspecting not only the condition of your sockets and plugs, but also the state of their in-built safety measures such as RCBO safety switches.

LED lighting inspection Northern beaches & North shore Sydney


In many cases, light fixtures will only be able to handle a certain wattage. To ensure your safety, you’ll need to ensure that the bulbs you choose fall within that safe range.

If you’re unsure about this, our team of electricians can check out your lighting and determine whether or not it’s safe to keep on using, as well as suitable alternatives.

Circuits inspection Northern beaches & North shore Sydney


In addition to your main electrical circuits, certain high-wattage appliances or high-demand rooms will have their very own electrical circuits.

Our team can inspect and evaluate the condition of each of these circuits, ensuring that they’re capable of handling your electrical requirements and that more importantly, they’re safe and fit-for-purpose.

Switchboard testing Northern beaches & North shore Sydney

Switchboard testing

Your switchboard is one of the most important parts of the electrical safety equation, responsible for shutting off the flow of power in the event that something goes wrong.

For complete peace-of-mind, it’s imperative that you call a professional to check your switchboard and ensure that it’s ready to spring into action to protect you and your home.

Smoke alarm testing Northern beaches & North shore Sydney

Smoke alarm testing

We can inspect both battery-powered and hardwired smoke alarms, keeping you safe in the event of a fire and making sure your home meets Australian regulations.

We offer installation, inspection, testing, and replacement of all your smoke alarms to ensure your home and family has the best protection possible should a fire occur.

Pre-purchase inspections Northern beaches & North shore Sydney

Pre-purchase inspections

If you’re buying an old house, you’ll want to first make sure that its electrical circuits, wiring and sockets are still safe to use.

Give us a call before your settlement, and we’ll perform an in-depth, top-to-bottom pre-purchase electrical inspection so you can understand the current condition of the home, and what fixes may be required.

Appliance inspection Northern beaches & North shore Sydney

Appliance inspection

Our inspection service will ensure that all appliances, devices, and installations are safe for use.

If we find any hazards or potential issues, we’ll let you know how they are best rectified, to ensure you can comfortably continue using appliances without the risk of injury or danger.

Electrical Safety Checks for homes in the Northern Beaches and Northshore

Don’t take any chances when it comes to your electrical safety

Electricity is dangerous – full stop. Our team performs thorough and in-depth electrical safety inspections to ensure that your home is protected from the risks associated with electrical problems.

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How often should I arrange a Home Electrical Safety Check?

you’re a landlord, real estate agent or property manager, you’ll need to ensure that your property is inspected on a regular basis to ensure that tenants are safe

In addition to the risk to life and property that residents face, landlords and real estate agents also have a duty of care to their tenants.

Those who fail to protect residents by keeping up with their electrical safety inspections also face the risk of:

  • Fines and penalties
  • License suspension
  • Negligence lawsuits

Landlords in NSW are required to fill out a condition report prior to signing a tenancy agreement.

It’s also a good idea to arrange periodic electrical inspections of your residential rental property every 3-5 years to ensure that your properties are still safe to occupy.

In addition to working with homeowners, our domestic electricians in the Northern Beaches and North Shore also work with landlords, real estate agents, and property managers.

We can create tailored inspection schedules for your properties, ensuring that each is safe for the tenants who occupy them.

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