Can you be sure your smoke alarms are in working order?

Smoke alarm installation & replacement

  • Ensure your home meets Australian codes
  • Keep your family safe from the risk of house fire
  • Installation, inspection, testing, and replacement
Keep your family and home safe from fire

Sydney smoke alarm installation

Australians are well-acquainted with the risks that fire poses

However, oftentimes this is focused on the threat of bushfire, with the flippant notion of “it won’t happen to me” making us pay less attention to the risk of fire inside the home – namely, electrical fires.

Each year, house fires damage hundreds of properties, and in Australia, claim fifty lives on average.

Electrical faults in particular are one of the most common causes of fires within the home – all the more reason that safety inspections and general maintenance and repairs are so important in keeping you safe.

Prevention is better than cure. Of course, it’s just as important that you have measures in place should the worst happen.

Smoke alarm installation plays a vital role in keeping your home and family safe in the event of an emergency.

Current NSW regulations stipulate that with smoke alarm installations there must be a minimum of one smoke alarm on each level of a house.

Depending on the size and layout, more are often recommended.

It’s crucial that your property adheres to these requirements.

Moreover, it’s crucial that your smoke alarms – a critical first line of defence should the worst happen – are working properly.

Smoke alarm installation for the Northern Beaches and North Shore

Northern Beaches Electrician Smoke detector installation

Smoke detector installation

In addition to carrying out smoke alarm installation, our team can also help you choose an appropriate smoke alarm system.

We work with all sorts of different alarm types, and can help communicate the benefits and features of each so that you can make a more informed decision regarding your fire safety.

Northern Beaches Electrician Installing Smoke Alarm System

Hard wired smoke alarm installation

Not all smoke alarms are battery-powered – many properties choose hard-wired smoke alarms connected directly to your home’s electrical power supply.

These types of alarms ensure that you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries, and more importantly, require the assistance of an electrician to install.

Smoke alarm inspection Northern Beaches

Smoke alarm inspection

While it’s possible to inspect your smoke alarms on your own (like by using its own in-built test feature, which you should be doing once a month), we recommend getting a professional to do it.

Our electricians will put your alarm through its paces and identify issues you may not be able to see on your own.

We recommend testing yourself monthly and also ensuring they are tested by an electrician once per year.

Smoke alarm replacement Northern Beaches

Smoke alarm replacement

Smoke alarms have an average life span of about 10 years. Old alarms need to be replaced if you’re to stay safe in the event of a house fire. Further, many insurance policies may be void if smoke alarms have expired.

In particular, it’s crucial that you upgrade your smoke alarms with newer models as they reach obsolescence. This is not only necessary from a safety point of view, but also because old alarms have an in-built program to start chirping at the 10-year mark, which can drive you crazy!

When it comes to fire safety in the home, you can’t cut corners

Choose an experienced, skilled electrical team when it comes to something as crucial as your smoke alarms

We aim to be the very best. In addition to our membership with the Master Electricians Australia – something not all can boast – our team takes great steps to provide you with industry-leading service and electrical advice as well.

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Smoke alarm upgrades and replacement

Fire or smoke alarms are only helpful if they’re in full working order

This doesn’t just mean a smoke alarm that works when you need it to – it also means no annoying beeping, no random alarms, and certainly no disconnected units.

Regular, ongoing maintenance is one essential part in keeping you safe. Another is ensuring that your alarms are up-to-date, and that they get them replaced on a regular basis.

All smoke alarms (including hard-wired ones) have a maximum life of 10 years, as the sensors that detect smoke degrade over time.

Make sure you’re doing all that you can to keep your home, your family, and yourself safe – ensure that your alarms are up-to-date and replaced when they start wearing out.

Choose the right electrician for smoke alarm installation

Smoke alarm safety is paramount: ensure you choose the right team to look after it

While they’re relatively simple to install and replace, smoke alarms play a major role in keeping you and your family safe.

And as such, it’s one area where you can’t afford to cut corners.

While there are many electricians in Sydney that can offer this service, when it comes to smoke alarm installation, smoke alarm upgrades and replacements, it’s crucial that you choose the right electrician to carry out this job.

As Level 2 electricians, Plateau Electrical offers homes throughout the Northern Beaches and North Shore a higher level of electrical services than many other domestic electricians in North Sydney.

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