Emergency Electrician - Newport

Every so often, local residents require an emergency electrician in the Northern Beaches for an unforeseen power outage or electrical safety risk. This case in Newport was no exception.

At 9pm on a Monday night, we received a phone call from a Newport resident who experienced a sudden power outage. The customer explained they had several blackouts over the last week where their lights would dim and flicker, especially when using other appliances.

At this inconvenient hour, the family had begun cooking dinner using the induction cook top when the power suddenly went out. Checking the switchboard thinking it was the safety switch tripping, they discovered the switch was still turned on but there was a strong burning smell coming from the box.

Alarmed by the smell and needing power ASAP, they called us immediately.



We dispatched a technician who arrived on site within 20 minutes to find the fault and resolve the issue quickly. We were able to locate a ‘hot join’ behind the main switch, which occurs when electrical cables become loose and pull away from the contacts of the main switch causing hot flashes of electricity or ‘arcing’. The melting of the cable and enclosure further exacerbates the issue creating an incredibly unsafe situation in the home.

While some may ignore the major warning signs of electrical failure, for the sake of our customer’s safety, we are thankful they called us. Not only did the owners have the power back on in a short space of time, but any serious risk of electrocution or worse, electrical fire had been mitigated. Thanks to our expertise and 24-hour electrical emergency team in the Northern Beaches, Plateau Electrical were able to isolate the issue, supply a new main switch and re-terminate the cable in a safe manner.

Whether it’s 3pm or 3am, always ensure your safety comes first by immediately calling an emergency electrician if you see or smell an electrical fault. It could safe your life as well as hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in insurance claims.

If you experience a sudden electrical outage or fault and need an electrician on the Northern Beaches or North Shore, Plateau Electrical is your choice for emergency, maintenance and repairs. For a licensed electrician around-the-clock, feel free to give me a call on 02 9982 8668 or drop me an email info@plateauelectrical.com.au – I’m available 24/7!

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